mobile phone repair service

Stand-out mobile phone repair service of New Zealand

The country of New Zealand has the speciality of i-phone repairing, and in-fact all types of mobile phone repairing. The most common types of problems that come across with iPhone repair are damaged iPhone display screen and harmed LCD, but the well-trained specialist can repair almost any cell phone problems, water damage and headphone jack […]

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Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps are Changing Business & Technology Industry as we know it

For game developers and studios, mobile apps were once a dream come true but the boom in recent years has touched every industry including travel, business and technology with many dedicated apps for every niche. Users of mobile application in Dubai and around the world grow approximately 16-times per month on an average during the […]

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Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 Leaks and Rumours: Tweaked Up Specs; No Home Button This Time?

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is ready to boast its upcoming specs in the Q1 2017, but the company is still trying to keep the specs a secret as much as possible. This is what we know so far about the Samsung Galaxy S8 specifications. Design and Display: Major Change to be expected? Samsung plans on […]

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Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime

Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime: A revolution in budget Smartphone

The smartphone has changed the ways and means of communication as nowadays a smartphone user is not at all dependent on a phone call or a text message. He can contact others with the help of different options of messengers and chat applications. There are many people who love to use various apps on the […]

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