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Mobile Apps are Changing Business & Technology Industry as we know it

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For game developers and studios, mobile apps were once a dream come true but the boom in recent years has touched every industry including travel, business and technology with many dedicated apps for every niche.

Users of mobile application in Dubai and around the world grow approximately 16-times per month on an average during the first-half of 2017. Social apps takes the lead with more or less 23 launches per month, closely followed by business and technology, travel and lifestyle applications with around 15 launches and growing.

Apps for entertainment and media industry falls in second place with approximately 17 launches per month average with retail and ecommerce apps following closely, around 12 times a month.

Mobile dominates desktop for apps

It began with complete association to the entertainment industry but now penetrates the global consumer market. More than a million users around the world rely on mobile applications for directions, perform business tasks and make online purchases. Gaming, entertainment along with social media still take most of the average consumer time in both developed and emerging markets. Majority of users today now spend most of their digital minutes on mobile.

Mobile mix & retention

A report concluded that an average mobile app session length take more or less five minutes per month with average consumer spending of around 74 minutes-per-month on mobile apps. These figures are interpreted bearing in mind that many users out there don’t even use mobile apps at all.

The statistics also explains rise in use of business, technology and travel apps. Capitalists and entrepreneurs rarely or simply don’t ever install a game app on their smart device however; they exploit apps for mapping, booking and conduct various business activities.

Technology applications are also growing amongst the businessmen ever since developers have released more secure and versatile/multi-function apps. That being said, the game sector experienced a decline of approximately two-to-three percent by end of 2017. Then again, mobile apps have yet to achieve the holding rates among the global consumers.

Location-based services are mounting

Almost all mobile devices nowadays feature GPS capabilities which is a huge driving factor in the corporate and ecommerce app sector. Location Based Services (LBS) are able to provide real-time details and send push-notifications based on user’s current location.

LBS takes on a massive consumer market such as navigation, travel, ecommerce gateway, shopping portals, retail-and-food offers alongside many others. Chatbots and virtual assistants are also incorporated thus contributing to the overall market of mobile application in Dubai and worldwide.

Analysts also provided various forecast models for the entire app market in coming years however; a traditional estimate by 2020 is gross total revenue exceeding more or less $190 billion. A huge contribution is in hospitality, travel, business and technology apps per their usability and reliability; taking a huge portion from gaming and entertainment sector.


The next level is coming of Virtual and Augmented Reality in mobile app market that require advance hardware to cater entertainment and gaming alongside many new emerging industries.

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