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Nowadays, big smart phones are on the rise and bigger display screen are liked by everyone and more people are getting attracted to them. Although you may not be a fan of pallets, slowly and gradually everyone is being smitten and bitten by their designs and features. Many people like extra large smart phones, there is not any wrong in that. If you are looking for a branded smart phone, you may be interested in LG G pro 2 in Auckland available on low price. LG has been around us for decades, manufacturing qualitative electronics. Now LG is excelling in the manufacture of smart phones.

Several reasons to shop LG G pro 2 in Auckland are there to interest you for sure. LG launched an innovative smart phone G pro 2 in order to offer its loyal fans a new experience on the smart technology. This time LG hosts bigger changes and advancement in this smart phone. For instance, as you get your hands on G pro 2, you are blessed with a larger display screen, enhanced camera, greater software tweaks, removable cover and powerful operating system which boost up performance of the phone.

Features and specifications of LG G pro 2 in Auckland are presented at discounted price of 38% off. So if you want to buy this smart phone now, you are likely to save 900 NZDs. Thanks to online shopping store, the price of LG G pro 2 has been lowered to 1499 NZDs only along with convenience of safe and sound delivery within one to two working days. The best smart phone LG G pro 2 in Auckland is hewn in several color choices such as white, titan, silver and burgundy.

Moreover, it often goes well that if the screen of a phone is bigger; it is better then. Bigger display size of LG G pro 2 in Auckland is another significant point that attracts more people to it. With the launch of LG G pro 2, the brand has pushed forward in terms of manufacture of flagship phone. Since LG G pro 2 has a super size of display screen of 5.9 inches. On top of that, the phone was actually launched in February 2014 and it was aimed to beat Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Features and specifications of LG G pro 2:

As discussed earlier, the display screen of the phone is as bigger as no other phone perhaps. On top of that, LCD capacitive touch-screen LG G pro 2 is sporting a light weight of merely 172 grams. Plus, the screen has been covered with protective gorilla glass in order to protect phone from shock. LG G pro 2 in Auckland best camera result is ensured with 8 and 2.1 mega pixels of back and front camera. Even more importantly, you can also capture 2160p video. Other significant features such as optical image stabilization, face detection, pan aroma and HDR are fitted as well.

Better improved battery LG G pro 2 in Auckland is featured with long hours of play. If you are playing on 3G, you are likely to use juice up for 370 hours. As for as the processor of the phone is concerned, LG G pro 2 is sporting faster Android OS, Quad-core 2.26 GHz and Adriano 330. Given all these best features and specs, there is every reason to shop this amazing phone and avail better discounts online.

In the last but not the least, when you get your hands on the LG smart phone; you will be glad to use G pro 2. Although it is featured with S Pen stylus of Samsung Note 3, there is every other reason to give your heart to this flagship. As phone is brought with Knock-on unlocking button, it is easier to grip as compared to Samsung Note 3. If we had to choose between them, we would still prefer LG G pro 2 in Auckland.

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