security camera Video loss

Reasons for security camera Video loss


The surveillance camera is the one that is used by the companies or homeowners to keep their employees safe and secure. There are so much that is included in the whole process of a security system that even the speed dome camera becomes the deciding factor. One must keep an eye on the small things to make sure that they are not missing out on the things. It can be on the external level or internal level, but security has now become the major game changer. People are becoming more aware of it to make it quick and composite form.

However, there are times when one can face a security issue and lose all the videos. This usually occurs when a CCTV system is generating a large amount of data that makes it lose a few connections in between. This sometimes results in fluctuation of the camera system that makes it difficult for them to work upon. In this potential issue, one must know the places where it can go wrong.

  • Power insufficiency – It is a major issue that is faced by the people – power outrage. It is not usually in the hands of an individual that makes video flick or even simply loss signals to work upon. It can also occur due to PoE injector or switch that are not working properly, cable connection issue, a short cable that is not sufficient to work on the supply and faulty cables for power,
  • Interference and spike with power – This is the most awful issue that one can face in the whole system. This issue makes the loss of the video all of a sudden that makes it come across the black screen. However, it usually has vertical lines and there are serious issues that the component or any of the circuits can face an issue or breakout. The main reason for this to occur is lightning strikes, camera mounting on a conductive or metal surface and interference of the electrical current that can end up with electrical equipment.
  • Low bandwidth or Wi-Fi connection that gets weaker – Another of the major concern that is faced by individuals is the weak signal of the video that can be due to low bandwidth or even the Wi-Fi connection that are weaker in an area. This makes it difficult for them to survive in due to a home router, barriers that put up physically between the camera and router and even the interference and interruption Wi-Fi Signals.
  • IR Night Vision – This is the major concern when it comes to any type of dome IP camera that results in unoccupied or closed things. Especially when it is dark then it is possible that a camera won’t be able to work such as parking lot. The major concern for this type of issue is IR sensor that is a fault or if manually one has not switched on the IR.

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