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Samsung Galaxy S8 Leaks and Rumours: Tweaked Up Specs; No Home Button This Time?

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The Samsung Galaxy S8 is ready to boast its upcoming specs in the Q1 2017, but the company is still trying to keep the specs a secret as much as possible.

This is what we know so far about the Samsung Galaxy S8 specifications.

Design and Display: Major Change to be expected?

Samsung plans on revamping its latest flagship device this time. According to a report, Samsung plans on removing the Home Button from the device. The company is looking forward to add the button in the display only just like we might see one in Apple’s iPhone 8. This move is being planned so that the front face of the Galaxy S8 is just screen.

We might also expect smaller bezels on the upcoming device. This is because Samsung plans on coming up with an OLED display which would cover up at least 90% of screen-to-body ratio on the device’s front face in the future Samsung devices. For now, most of the devices designed by the company have 80% screen-to-body ratio. Samsung might start using 4K displays as well. It was the Galaxy S6 which was introduced with a QUHD screen. And, now we could witness the same in the Samsung Galaxy S8 as well. Even the Korean Giant told the reporters that it is planning to deploy the 5.5-inch AMOLED screens and move on to 4K OLED displays and we might see one in the upcoming flagship device.

Another update states that Galaxy S series of phones will only be provided with curved-edge variants from now onwards. Let’s see if all this is true when the device comes out.

Performance: Expected power in the device

Samsung was already reported for the production of the smaller and more powerful 10nm processor chips for its flagship devices of the future. This will increase the performance while using less power in the device. We can also expect the Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 chipset in these devices.

For GPU, it is rumoured that the device will use ARM’s latest Mali G71 GPU processor modules in the device. This latest and top-of-the-line GPU chipset offers a clockspeed of 850MHz with 40% improvement in the graphics rendering performance. This will be great for VR games with UHD media content.

USB Type-C Expectations:

The reversible connector, USB Type-C might be introduced in the Samsung Galaxy S8. It was to be launched with the Galaxy S7, but the company stuck with the micro USB instead. This connector is also more capable in supplying power (up to 100W) than the micro USB2.0 (which offers only 2.5W). This improves the fast charging mechanism in smartphones. Playing media using HDMI and other high-end display ports using connectors will be offering faster processing power with a USB Type-C port.

Camera and Storage:

Samsung plans on adding a much better camera in the upcoming flagship smartphone. And, for that it will improve its quality over the Galaxy S7’s camera. S7 came up with the “Dual Pixel” technology in the camera module which meant that each image sensor in the camera consisted of 2 photodiodes in place of just one. This increased the autofocus feature when seeing through the camera on the device. Other high-end devices like the iPhones use only up to 10% of pixels for focusing on an object. But, with Samsung’s “Dual Pixel” technology each and every pixel focuses on an image. And we can witness the same or even more in the Samsung Galaxy S8 model. The Samsung Galaxy S8 might feature 6GB of RAM with 256 GB ROM variant.

Improvement in Speakers:

There is also another rumour which says that Samsung might bring in dual speakers in the Samsung Galaxy S8. The device will also offer stereo sound as per rumours. But, how true is this feature we still do not know.

The Verdict:

What Samsung plans on doing is not just to bring out a new phone in its Galaxy S series of devices, but also to reposition itself as one of the greatest smartphone manufacturers. The image disintegration due to Galaxy Note 7 was a huge blow to the company. And, that troubles are still faced from time to time by the Korean Giant. But, Samsung believes that it will make everything fine once they launch the Samsung Galaxy S8.

This device will be launched with revamped features and high-end performance modules which will impress most users around the world. Powerful cameras, better storage, impressive processing modules, and commendable GPU units will rebuild the broken brand image to a great extent.

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