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Why Choose Kotlin over Java for Android app development?


Article Summary: If you are someone standing at the diversion of two roads towards the Android market, wondering if you should opt for Java or go with Kotlin, this blog will be a good read for you.

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There was a time when the term official Android app development language was a synonym for Java. It was the name that springs to head immediately when someone talks about building Android apps. However, the things changed completely last year on Google I/O 2017 event when Google announced Kotlin to be another official programming language for Android development.

The Kotlin, with its impressive, advanced features and scope of work, started entering the market and ruling the minds of the Android app developers; creating a dilemma for the business leaders and developers to choose between the two for their Android project.

Do you also fall into this situation? Are you also standing at the diversion of the two roads, wondering if you to pick Java or Kotlin to enter the Android market? If so, prefer reading this article to know why you should look forward to Kotlin-based Android app development:-

  1. Kotlin Demands Lesser Coding

Kotlin is concise. It cuts down the development code to minimal, making the coding process simpler, effective, and faster. In other words, you can easily write, read, and review the app code at any point of the time, unlike Java where you have to get into the world of hundreds of lines of code to print a single message on the screen.

According to the top app development companies, Kotlin offers you provide the same functionalities with 20-30% reduction in the code lines when compared to Java.

  1. Kotlin Speed Up Development Tasks

Unlike Java, Kotlin serves you with a plethora of handy tools and features that makes everyday development easier and enjoyable for you. These include default parameter values, extension functions, object declarations, and so on. All these encourage the Android app development companies to speed up their development procedure and maintain their code in a better manner.

  1. Kotlin Boosts Safer Coding

Kotlin, on one side, provides you with an opportunity to write concise codes, which somehow initiate safer coding. While on the other side, it empowers the developers to consider the potential issues associated with their app code and be more cautious while writing codes, resulting in fewer errors, crashed and a restricted number of system failures.

  1. Kotlin is Interoperable with Java

Kotlin is 100% compatible with Java. It provides you with tools and frameworks using which you can easily blend Java codes into your Kotlin project and the vice versa. This makes it easier for the app developers to migrate their existing Java apps to Kotlin for reasons why these 14 popular apps migrated from Java to Kotlin too.

  1. Kotlin Offers You with Better Support for Functional Programming

Another major advantage of ditching Java for Kotlin is the impressive support of Kotlin for functional programming. With Kotlin, you can easily enhance your app performance via inlining, can employ proper function types for better results, as well as ‘drift with’ functional concepts in a more simple and explicit manner.

So, with these 5 advantages of Kotlin over Java, it is quite evident that Kotlin has a myriad of reasons to be the first priority in the Android app market. But, in case you still have any query, leave a comment below.

Author Bio: Holding the bachelor’s degree in technology and working in a mobile app development company, Bhupinder knows how to turn technical terms into simple chunks & help businesses embrace mobile technology.

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